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Laura is a mother, wife, Priestess, and Lover of all life, on a mission to heal the Earth and everything upon it. 

 Growing up in Colorado, Laura has always been passionate about the Earth, the mountains, the trees, the flowers, the wildlife (and more recently, the Ocean), and from a young age has felt a strong drive to protect and preserve the natural world. 

 Laura is a firm believer that we must heal ourselves to heal the world, and that the fastest, most impactful route to true, lasting healing is through the Remembrance of our True Divinity. For it is in the remembrance and embodiment of our True Divine Essence that all misperception, all fear, all hate, all pain falls away to reveal True Peace, Bliss and Fulfillment, which then radiates into the world around us. 

 Laura has trained in many different modalities, including Shamanism, Reiki, and Psychic Arts, as well as a great deal of personal research, and daily teachings and activations from Spirit about Ancient / Future abilities and perspectives.
 Through the interweaving of the teachings and wisdom she has gathered, Laura guides her clients to a WHOLE-istic healing and introduction to their truest life purpose: to feel fulfilled in every aspect of their life. 

Laura does all of this because she knows that these teachings are a vital piece of planetary ascension;

because she knows that helping one person face and feel and heal the problematic traumas they have been carrying for lifetimes will create waves of healing that reach across the entire planet;

because she knows that healing and releasing the painful untruths that humanity carries will raise individual and planetary vibration exponentially;

because she knows that every humans truest life purpose is to be happy, to feel true love, and to be abundant in every area of their life, and that these divine teachings are the key to unlocking all of that sacred goodness.


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So right about now, you're probably thinking

"Why Laura? Why should I invest my time and money into this person I don't even know?"

But if you found this page then you already know why.

Because right now, something in your life is feeling lackluster.

Because no matter how much wealth and friendships and love and beauty you have in your life, something is still missing.

Because you feel, you KNOW that you came here to accomplish huge things in this world,

but something is holding you back.


Because deep down, you know that the truth is :

you are doing a disservice to yourself, your family, your community, and to the entire planet if you don't show up 100%

if you don't reach for your dreams

if you don't follow the calling of your soul.


That's what I'm here for.


I've been there. I've been at the bottom of that hole of self doubt and wanting to give up. And I nearly did a thousand times. But I kept striving, I kept pushing through the fears and the resistance, and I will continue to do so every day until I achieve what I came here to do.


I've been where you are now.

I know what it takes.

I know what helps, what works and what doesn't.

And I want to help you get to where I am now.


A place where pushing through the fear and resistance isn't so difficult.

A place where you have a deep faith and confidence in yourself, in your calling, and in the universe.

A place where you have all the tools you need to pull yourself back up anytime those fearful voices in your head start growing louder.

A place where you actually enjoy the process of remembering your truth and returning to it.

The truth that this doesn't have to be difficult.

The truth that this calling, this passion that you are pursuing is your divine assignment, and the universe is supporting you and giving you all the tools you need every step of the way.

The truth that life is beautiful, and every win, every hiccup, every tumble along your journey is perfect and aligned and has purpose.

The truth that you are fucking infinite and will accomplish everything you truly desire.


So the real question is...

Are you ready to rise to your

Divine Purpose?


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