Light Casters Academy!

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Welcome Light Casters!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about this Sacred Community! This is something I have been dreaming up for years, and to finally have it out in the world to support Light Casters such as yourself truly is a dream come true!!

As I’m sure you know, the Earth and everyone upon it is going through some profound shifts right now, and it is up to us Light Casters to guide humanity through this transition with ease and grace. The world is waiting for Light Casters to step up and shine the light upon the unknown path ahead!

The Light Casters Academy is a tool to help you do just that.

So what exactly is the Light Casters Academy?

The Light Casters Academy is a membership community that teaches you to heal yourself to heal the world! We ALL have the power to heal, and we ALL have the power to change the world! I firmly believe that through healing ourselves, we send powerful waves of healing out to everyone and everything around us. And the more people that join together to focus on a specific intention, the more powerful and impactful those healing waves become!

Each month of Light Casters Academy is a different theme chosen by Spirit to focus on deeply healing a specific area of your life. There are three different tiers of the Light Casters Academy, here is a list of what is included at each different tier:

Light Casters Tier - $22 per month

- Guided Healing Meditation led by Spirit
- Guided Meditation to re-focus on your monthly intention

- In depth Guidebook including:

  • Explanation of the monthly theme

  • Channeled Message from our highlighted Goddess / Archangel / Ascended Master of the month

  • Mantra / Affirmation of the month

  • Explanation of Crystal of the month and how to work with it

  • Explanation of the Potion (essential oil blend) of the month

  • Journal Prompts to deepen healing and bring clarity

- Access to a private Facebook community to connect with and support your fellow Light Casters. Within the Facebook group there will be:

  • Daily (M-F) tarot/oracle card energy forecast

  • Bi-Weekly live mini readings

  • New and Full Moon Ceremonies

-Discounts for all my other Services

Light Warriors Tier - $44 per month

Everything included in the Light Casters Tier, PLUS:
- Group Energy Healing Session led by Laura LeClaire
- Monthly group discussions, readings, and teachings call with Laura

Ascending Masters Tier - $111 per month

Everything included in the Light Casters AND Light Warriors Tiers, PLUS:
- A monthly happy mail package including the Crystal of the Month, a rollerbottle of the Potion of the  Month, and any other smudging or spiritual tools that Spirit guides me to include (US only)
- A monthly one-on-one, 30 minute Spirit-led Guidance Reading with Laura

Remember Who You Truly Are

This months theme, our First edition is.. Reconnect with your Root Chakra to Remember Who You Truly Are

It is an incredibly transformative and important focus. The Root Chakra holds key foundational information about who we truly are at our core. Through clearing, balancing, and exploring our Root Chakra we are able to open the book to our Soul.

Connecting with and developing a relationship with your Root Chakra is like turning on an internal GPS - suddenly you  know where you are, who you are, where you want to go and what next steps you need to take to get there; and once you have your Root Chakra cleared and healthy, it will help to give you the  motivation and momentum you need to get there.

“It is from our Roots that we RISE” - Laura LeClaire

Ready to Join Us?

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Not quite ready to join but want to learn more about the Academy?

I’ve put together a Intro Kit with lots of great information about the Academy and a TON of amazing foundational information about working with and maintaining your energy and connecting with Spirit, as well as three AMAZING guided meditations to help you develop your own personalized spiritual practice!

Fill out the form below to get access to the Intro Kit, and I'll make sure you stay in the loop about when the doors to the community will officially be open and what each months theme is!

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